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Drivers for different Queuing series in JMS Adapter , Secutity Level..

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Plz can any one provide me JMS Adapter, drivers of different queuing series inTransport protocol.And also security levels in JMS

Also tell me whn to use the particular queuing series.........

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there are so many JMS servers available in market. Which one you wanna try with? You can download trial version of SonicMQ and try with it. When you download and install you'll also get driver jar files with it.

you need to install these jar files in aii_af_jmsproviderlib.sda file on J2EE engine.

sda file is nothin but like a zip file, which you can opeb with winzip and add jar files to it and add JMS server info in provider.xml file in sda.

then deploy the sda file using SDM(software deployment manager)