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Dreaded License Agreement question

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I know this has probably been asked millions of times, all over the place but I just want to make 100% sure.

I downloaded Eclipse v3.3.2 which has the Crystal Reports for Eclipse version 1.0.6.v1371 plug-in.

I wish to find out about the license agreement and licence purchasing conditions.

The company I work for supplies its clients with a Property Management Software, designed by

ourselves. We now want to develop a few simple reports using Eclipse and CR4E, specific to each

client. These will be accessible via the web. Does this fall under the u201Cfreely distributed productu201D that I

keep finding on both and on the SAP websites.

I have registered my Crystal Reports for Eclipse and removed the watermark, is this enough to be able

to supply our clients with reports? Do they just need to register the same way to be able to use the

webapps developed by my company.

The u201CCrystal Report Web Projectsu201D will be held on a single server on the client site running Tomcat.

Under what conditions can these reports remain u201Cfreely distributed productsu201D and under what conditions

will a license need to be purchased. If a license is needed would my company have to purchase the

license, seeing as we are the ones developing the reports, or would our clients have to purchase the

license for themselves?

Our clients will use the reports internally and will also use our webapp to produce invoices which will

then be posted or emailed to their clients.

I have read the BO License Agreement, well atleast have tried to

understand it fully, point 3.6 says it can be installed on a single server which we will be doing, and then

point 4.9 says 1) its free 2) you have to pay if you want to remove the watermark, but then says you just need to register to remove the watermark.

Does this breach the "free" conditions.

I have emailed BO/SAP directly but do not know how fast they are to reply as I have heard stories.

So if anyone could give me a definite answer that would be great.

Supplying some "understandable" official evidence would also help very much.

Eclipse and CR4E are such great products I would hate to miss out on using them.



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Hello Darren,

Does info in the following thread help?

The MJ referred to is one of the Program Managers for CR4E.


Ted Ueda

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Thanks Ted,

Guess searching for Licensing as well as License would have been a good idea.

Hopefully that will be enough info now to satisfy my superiors.