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DR setup on mssqlserver 2005 with windows 2003,R3 4.7

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Dear All,

Kindly let me know if any done DR setup in mssql server 2005 with R3 4.7,windows 2003 server.

Kindly advise on the DR setup.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello John,

First of all, keep in mind that you are running a SAP system on top of two products that are out of support by their vendors:

Windows Server 2003 (already out of support) and SQL Server 2005 (it goes out of support in 12.04.2016). Any problems you face with the above products you might end up without solution. Just a suggestion: plan and prepare for a migration to a supported version to retain support on those OS/DB products.

In regards of your question, you can easily find them by using any search mechanism in the internet. It is really not hard to get out an information like this nowadays.

It is important that you know the products you are working on. For SAP systems on SQL Server, you have some sources of information you can find out most of those questions. They are listed in this space homepage:

The most important SAP Note for SQL Server is 555223 - FAQ: Microsoft SQL Server

There you can find in "SQL SERVER FEATURES AND MAINTENANCE" some options for HA/DR. They are also available and documented in SQL Server Books online.

Additionally you can setup Log Shipping, see SAP Note 1101017. Read also Books On-Line for more details:

Configure Log Shipping (SQL Server)

I also would suggest you to kindly read on . Like I mentioned before, there are many sources to provide answers to such general questions, a bit effort in finding them sometimes is necessary.


Luis Darui

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi John.

You can bulid the DR site by MS Sql DB mirroring method. Kindly refer the SAP Note

965908 - SQL Server Database Mirroring and SAP Applications