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Downloading the Portal certificate from SAP Portal7.1

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I am trying to download the portal certification (verify.der) file from Portal 7.1(CE Portal) to upload in ECC system for configuring the Single sign on. But i am not able to find the keystore Administration option under System Configuration. Usually it is available under the keystore admin in portal.

Please let me know what is the issue. How i can download the portal certificate is there other place i can access to download the certificate in portal. Is navigation is different for  7.1 portal for downloading the certificate.

I am attaching the System Admin navigation  screen shot for your reference. It doesn't have any key store administration.


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Answers (3)

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Hi Guru V:

I suppose you already don't need this answer but maybe can be useful for some else who is facing the same problem.

To download certificates in Portal 7.01 you have to use Visual Administrator. You can export portal certificate from Server_0/Services/Key storage/(Views)TicketKeyStorage/(Entries)SapLogonTicketKeypair-cert. This is the certificate to upload in ABAP system via tx STRUSTSSO2.



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As per SAP Note:958183

You are able to download the formerly known verify.der file via the Key Storage UI located in the NWA. Therefore, perform following steps:

  • Open /nwa on your local engine or use a central NWA in order to connect to your local engine
  • Navigate to -> Configuration Management -> Security Management -> Key Storage
  • Select TicketKeystore from available keystore views (If the TicketKeystore view does not appear, press refresh button)
  • Select SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert from available view entries
  • Select Export Entry
  • As format, select Binary X.509 Certificate File.
  • This downloaded file is the equivalent to the verify.der/crt and can be uploaded in an ABAP server or J2EE engine.
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You do this using Netweaver administrator (NWA) go to http://<server>:<port>/nwa then go to Configuration --> Security --> Certificates and Keys. You should see TicketKeyStore listed there.