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Downloading data from ODS into flat file

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I want to extract data from ODS into flat file.I tried to use infospoke.but the problem is that the file i am getting contains data but doesnt contain the heading.Instead another file is generated which contains the technical information about the header viz., Characteristic, length, etc. please help me how can i get the headings and data in the same file.

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Answers (2)

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Hi ,

If you use infospoke then you will get two files one containing data and another with its field name. If you want both the header( Field name) and the data in same file then please follow A.H.P suggestion. This you will get both the information in a same file.



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try transaction se16, entry table name with /bi0/a[your ods name]00 if your ods is business content, or /bic/a[your ods name]00, fill 'Width of Output List' with 1023, 'Maximum No. of Hits' with total record got from click 'number of entries'. in this selection screen you can also choose which fields to be used to filter data (menu Settings << Fields for selection). after the table contents displayed, save the contents by go to menu System >> List >> Save >> Local file, you can choose the file format. you can also choose which fields to be downloaded using menu Settings >> Format List >> Choose fields.

basically /bi0/a[ods name]00 or /bic/a[ods name]00 is the table name for active ods data.

hope this helps.

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