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Download the PDF file to application server

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My requirement is to download the PDF file to the application server..the driver pgm is RM08NAST.SInce it is a std pgm i have to copy it and make the changes.

But the prob is i am not able to find o;ut the exact point in the std pgm where i shou;ld write my code to download the file to the application server ...I know how to donwload the file.I want the exact point where the code can be written,,I am not lookng for exit.I am copying the std pgm to custom pgm.



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the program RM08NAST is a subroutine pool so it wud be containing form routines which be getting called somewhere else so according to ur requirement where it is geting called there u check which particular form is being called. then make ur changes in tht form.

my answer may seem vague but i need more info to give u a better answer.

can u tell me how tht program is going to getv called.