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Downgrade individual Java components

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Our SAP Basis had a planned component upgrade where only some components were upgraded to that of a higher/different patch Level. Please see the Image attached.

Instead of the updates of the components to the Level 7.40.8.xx, not all components but some components seen in the image were updated to 7.40.15.xx.

We do not want to do a SP upgrade. Is there a way to downgrade these individual components? If so please suggest how to.

Thanks in advance.


Karthik Narayanan

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Answers (3)

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For Undeploying .SCA/ .SDA / .EAR / .WAR files on J2EE servers on Netweaver release 7.1,7.2,7.3,7.4 and 7.5, please do refer to these...

You need to undeploy all the SDAs that are part of the SCAs.


Then you might deploy the SCAs with the correct version.

1715441 - How to deploy .SCA/ .SDA/ .EAR/ .WAR fileson J2EE servers on Netweaver release 7.1, 7.2, 7...


The way how you will undeploy and deploy is up to you. If I need to undeploy I would have used TELNET. For deployment - too.

I need to mention that undeployment is not supported operation. The supported way is to repeat the upgrade from scratch, after successful recovory from backup. Yet, you do not lose anything to try this out.

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Yes there are 7.40 SPS15 SCAs in the defined folder and they were installed. As mentioned above, I wish to know how a downgrade/undeployment can be done.

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Is it possible there are 7.40 SPS15 SCAs in the defined folder by you.

Please make sure there are only SCAs of SPS8 in this directory.