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Doubt with 2LIS_02_SCL

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Hi All,

I have an issue with 2LIS_02_SCL - Purchasing Data (Schedule Line Level)..

we had a scenario ..where in BW (PSA to Cube) ...for a particular purchase order we have 30 schedule line counter( ETENR

),schedule line date (BEDAT) and its corresponding planned/scheduled quantities(MENGE) and actual quantity(WEMNG).

when i check in ECC in EKET table,i can see only 29 schedule line present.

also i checked EKPO table and the PO quantity is not matching with BW.

ex: PO quantity in BW = 15600 (for all 30 Schedule line).

PO quanitity in ECC = 15080 (for 29 schedule line).

Where can i find that missing schedule line ??

Note : I dont have authorization to ME23N, Can we get that PO quantity scheduled in EKBE ?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Bilvanth,

There is an extra schedule line item coming through in BW. Check in RSA3 ( extractor checker) for the datasouce as how many records it is fetching. Also, look out for any record which might be coming with a deletion indicator set. Check for the record having PO quantity equal to the difference of quantities currently being experienced.



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Check if any of your scheduleline getting doubled in BI, as I can see that you have only 29 line items in source while in BI you have 30.

And as you mentioned that in EKET table you have only 29 items, try to find the missing line item from BI and R/3 using tables.



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i am just checking it in extraction layer in BW(for which we have done direct mapping).

Do we have any other tables to be checked ??