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Dot Matrix - SAPWIN and EPESCP9

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I am using 9 pin epson printer to print smartform, SAP server is unix, print server is windows ( SPrint installed). connect using SAP protocol.

I have problem as following:

using EPESCP9 device type, font size was correct but no border(no matter how thick I made it in smartforms), no image and half page(custom paper size) is not working.

using SAPWIN or SAPWIN5 or SAPWINCF, border, image, half page is working, but font always defaulted to 1 font size (it is big) no matter what change I made to adjust it to smaller size. I have tried using true type fonts but it is not working too .

I think SAPWIN is the way to go, since I only have a font size problem there, any suggestion?(In the print preview the size of fonts is correct, it is just in the print result that the font is defaulted to bigger size)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Henry,

Did you check the SAP Printer Vendor program if there is a driver offered, to solve your problem. Check first there, if so. Sounds that your driver at the Printserver isn't a compatible one. I had similar problems a few month ago and the solution was to replace the driver at Printserver.

So, because it is a very special problem, it might be hard to give you more detailed informations, if there is noone holving the exact problem.

But please publish the printer fabricate and modelnumber, perhaps there is one got exact the same model in production use

Good luck and let us know, what you done to find a solution.



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Hi Florian,

The printer type is not supported in printer vendor program. "Please note that Epson does not develop any device types for dot matrix or line printers within SAP's Printer Vendor Program." --> Note 1135053 - Printer Vendor Wizard Note: EPSON

This printer type is not supported even by this note Note 1103826 - Printer is missing in the Device Type Selection Wizard.

In my case, after copied the SAPWIN into new device type, modified print control and font maintenance, I somehow was able to change fonts size, but I was not sure of which steps produce that effect. Now ABAP development has priority. I will reconfirm that config when moving into QA phase.

Many thanks for your kind assistance.



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