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Does WDA support HTML Image Maps?

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How to implement HTML image maps in Web Dynpro for ABAP?

Is the usemap (and related area shapes) available?

What I mean is explained by the following example:

<img src="trees.gif" usemap="#green" border="0">
<map name="green">
<area shape="polygon" coords="19,44,45,11,87,37,82,76,49,98" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="128,132,241,179" href="">
<area shape="circle" coords="68,211,35" href="">


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Use IFrame UI element (if exists - hope yes) and link to it an HTML file with only your image-map.

If the image-map change by user, you must find the way to create the HTML in a dynamic way.

Sorry i haven't alot experience with ABAP, i did this in Java Web Dynpro but i guess you can do also with ABAP.