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Does the portal cache worksets?

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I have a simple question (I think )

Does EP 6 cache portions of the content on the server?

For example, I change the name of a visible workset in ESS, yet the change doesn't show up in the user browser.

I have an uneasy sense that I'm doing something wrong, but I can't quite see what (I checked Delta connections, ESS entries, ...).

If cached, is there a way to refresh cached content without restarting J2EE?

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Colleen,

I dont know whether I have understood your question properly, but I guess this answer might help.

I dont know much about the caching funda(fundamentals) but this is what I could logically think of.

When you make changes to the workset, they donot reflect because its not a delta-link connection but a copy connection.

So I guess you need to delete the workset from the role and add it again.



P.S. Hope it has answered your question, if not I would try to provide more clarity on the same.

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Thank you!

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Hi Colleen Harmon,

This problem which you are facing has been described as:

Suppose you have created a role & workset in English language (portal language is selected as English). After sometime, you need to change the Name/desc of the workset. But while changing it happens that your portal language is selected as English (US) or something else but not the Original language in which the object was build. So when u change the Name of Workset, it happens that the language properties file of default & english does not gets changed and only the english (US) file gets changed. So if you check the Wrorkset name in its default craeted language, it will show the old name and if you change the Portal Language to Eng (US), it will show the new name.

This problem is actually mentioned as a feature by SAP and not problem.

We have seen this every times in our developement for worksets & roles. This is not applicable for iViews and pages.

So to make sure that this feature does not bugs you, make sure that every developer in your team has set their default portal language as English.

To solve your existing problems (features), you will have to Language Transport them..

Hope this helps you in finding the exact reason for your problem


Gaurav Gandhi

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