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does the new analysis authorization affect the planning tool or any other system change ?

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Hallo experts

I am in the process implementing analysis authorization for a client ,

They are now using Bw 7.3  with BPS tool and still using reporting authorization .(RSR) .

They still haven’t decided if there are going to use BPC or an external planning tool .

Somehow they are scared to implement the new authorization concept as they think new technical infobjects (0tca*) might affect the planning tool .

My suggestion was to implement new authorization concept application by application and doing the planning tool later !

  1. Is this true that the activation of the technical content info objects will affect the rest of the system, specially BPS, though the planning roles are left unchanged ?

   2 . suppose i continue using RSR object ,  if i do  need to have the authorization object on every cube in order to auhtorize data ?

example: infoobject 1 is avalible only on cube 1  and cube 5  ,(do i need to add the authorization object on cube 2,3,4 ) ?

thanks in advance .



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Hi Kumar,

1. Yes, switching from old RSR reporting authorization concept to new analysis authorization concept would also affect planning tools including BPS and IP.
The switch can be done in Tcd: RSCUSTV23.

2. For the old RSR reporting authorization concept, each InfoProvider has setting which authorization objects are switched on for authorization check for this InfoProvider. For cubes that don't contain certain InfoObject, you anyway cannot switch the check on so you don't need to assign authorization for that.

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