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Does SAP S/4HANA support JCo for user management

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Does JCo support JCo for user management?

Our application is currently using JCo to connect to SAP R3 for user management. I would like to know if I can leverage current implementation to manage users on S/4 HANA.


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Dear Ishwar,

I assume you use SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java with ABAP datasource. In this case the so-called integraded JCo has only one function. It is for the communication user (e.g. SAP JSF) communicates via the default destination UMEBackendConnection to th reach the ABAP R/3 datasource via RFC. RFC and JCO for java is required to reach the ABAP backend.

For your scenario with S/4 HANA in that form is not useful. However, In general we support all SAP KERNEL and connectivity scenarios that uses RFC if the relevant Operation System is supported. Therefore in this case JCo is also supported for different scewnarios, so it can be useful for S/4 HANA as well.For more you can read many facts about the technology in the support portal:

Best regards,
Barnanbás Paksi