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Does CR for Visual Studio work with VS 2015 Community Edition?

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I am trying to create a super basic report and have it show up in my VB.Net web application.  No matter what I try the report itself never shows up when I run the site.  I can preview the report in design mode and it looks great.

I've gone to and have run the Install Executable for Service Pack 16.

I've gone to Google and followed every link I can find on setting up a simple report in a Visual Basic.Net Web Application (converting from C# where necessary) (A few samples):

Crystal Report ASP.Net Example using DataSet or DataTable in C# VB.Net and Visual Studio 2010

There isn't a lot for VS 2015 Community edition, so I tried the tutorials for older versions just in case.

I've made sure the proper items show up in the Web.Config file:

I've tried adding a DataTable to the project and set the report source to that.

I've tried have the report connect directly to my local SQL instance itself.

I've tried creating a new Crystal Reports Web Site using the Template it installed in Visual Studio.

No matter what I try my web browser window remains blank, so my only conclusion now is maybe I need an older version of the runtime, or maybe this just doesn't work with the Community Edition of VS.

Can someone help me figure out where I might be going wrong?  It seems like adding a super simple Crystal Report to a site should be as simple as adding it and following the setup wizard.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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CR for VS does not integrate into any Express versions...

Need Pro or higher.... Ms doesn't support our Plug-in in Express versions.


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I checked for my post this morning, but it hadn't been approved.  I did some more searching around the forums and found a link to this post:

I followed the instructions to copy the crviewers folder directly into my project and add some lines to web.config and I was able to successfully get a simple report with nothing but a text label on it to show up.

So it's working in some limited capacity at least.  I will try a report that actually contains data in it later today, but it sounds like at some point this isn't going to work in my version of Visual Studio?

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Working further I now have a page with a viewer on it that displays 3 charts.

It seems to be working so far, in my local testing.

Is it deploying it to a public server where the incompatibilities lie?

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Hi Kevin,

Sorry my mistake, I saw Express in the subject and not Community....

YES, CR for VS does support the Community version of VS.


PS - I just released SP 17....

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