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Does anyone know error SSFCOMPOSER150 when sending a mail in SSM??

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With all action creating a email in the SSM system, the system gives error SSFCOMPOSER150. Also the system gives an error that the function module of the smart form gave an error.

The exact error is:

<i>Previous output request was not finished.

Message no. SSFCOMPOSER150


A previous output request has not been finished. Therefore you are not allowed to start a new output request.

System Response

The system issues an error message.


Check the sequence in which you call the function modules SSFCOMP_OPEN and SSFCOMP_CLOSE.</i>

Does anybody know how to solve this. Please let me know, also on my email account

Thanks in advanced,

Bas van Trier

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Dear Bas van Trier,

The error message "SFFCOMPOSER 150: Previous output request was not

finisched" seems to indicate that an error occured during the processing

of the former action.

So, several actions are performed during the batch process. Processing a

SMART FORM has to execute the functions SSFCOMP_OPEN, SSFCOMP_PROCESS

and SSFCOMP_CLOSE in this specific order. Now, the former actions fails

with an exception raising. This will stop the processing and the last

command SSFCOMP_CLOSE is never reached.

Now, the next action is started. During the call of SSFCOMP_OPEN the

system will notice that the former action has not finished sucessfully

and stops the processing at once.

So, during a SMART FORM processing raising clauses are not allowed (see

Online Documentation: Error processing (Smart Forms, Maintain form with

Form Builder, Check and test a Smart Forms, Section EXCEPTIONS at the


The effected SMART FORM is function module /1BCDWB/SF00000015.

Also, I was not able to find a raising clause in the function module, I

have seen that some other function modules are called, which do raise

some exceptions. Example: funcion module ZVM_CONTRACT_GETITEMDETAILS is

calling CRM_ORDER_READ. Function CRM_ORDER_READ can raise exception

DOCUMENT_LOCKED if the application object is currently locked by a

processor. The raised exception is not handled in your Z-function module

and therefore processing the SMART FORMS will fail.

So, from my point of view this is the most likely configuration.

A former action fails, because the application object is currently

locked; the next action will fail due to the improper call of



Amit Devale