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Does any one have experience with RedZone (plant Management) and DataSphere?

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Hello Community,

Has any one else looked into connectivity of RedZone (Plant Management software by QAD) integration with DataSphere? My company has just stared this investigation and I am wondering if the community might already have experiences or learnings to share?

Thank you!

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Hello - did you find a solution to this? We are implementing Redzone shortly and would like to report through DWC. Thanks!

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In case it helps others: Yes, we have integrated Redzone with SAP DataSphere.  I have held off on answering how it went because we ran into some obstacles at first.  However, Redzone was willing to work with us to solve the critical concerns.  At this point, they have done a good job of supporting Enterprise Data Warehousing and our project.

Project Notes:

  • The number 1 issue for us is that Redzone implemented without mapping to SAP.  This has raised a number of challenges:
    • Definitions were not always consistent across our plants
    • Mapping to MRP Controllers (which is between Area and Location with a 1:N relationship)
    • Mapping to Confirmations
    • Theoretical Run Rates are very different from Forecasted Run Rates
  • With the OpenConnectors now End of Life, we did not use the OpenConnector Snowflake adapter.  Instead, we used the Data Provisioning Agent with the latest Snowflake JDBC driver.
  • Redzone delivers their Snowflake data sources as two-dimensional models to be directly consumed.  We had to do quite a bit of work to import their remote tables and convert to OLAP models in DataSphere.
  • We used Business Builder Consumption Models. Though, with lack of Hierarchy support (Directory and Level), we are about to switch to just Analytical Models
  • Persistence with partitions is critical for reporting performance