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Documentation & Examples: Generic Sync

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Please excuse the rather long post, but I am completely stumped at the moment.

We are spec'ing a new development, fairly simple in that the contents of some customer-developed tables are requested by the mobile device. For this we think that generic sync'ing will work the best. The Java-side seems OK, the developer seems to be able to follow what is needed although it is not very clear on the documentation. The ABAP-side is dark-side-of-the-moon to us at the moment.

I cannot find any meaningful documentation on how to implement and use the generic sync. <u>HTTP://</u> gives almost no information on this and goes into a lot of detail on SmartSync and SyncBO's etc which we don't need. Jan Wetzel stated in a reply to someone else's post "<i>In Gen Sync, just reading the Gen Sync chapter + the Gen Sync example</i>". Cool, but WHERE can I read this?!

I have also tried looking at function modules like ME_WIZARD but there is absolutely no documentation. One of the problems might be that the target system will be 4.7 which I do not have access to at the moment (4.6c is the best I can do at the moment).

Is it maybe as simple as creating a standard RFC function module and calling it from the mobile app? Or is there some other magic? What happens to the data container(s)?

So where do I get info on how to implement the ABAP side of things for ME Generic Sync? Can someone point me in right direction?

Just for further info: I am basically a standard, vanilla ABAP developer with <b>a little</b> 2nd hand experience of JCo. I have always left other languages alone, so please don't spout too much Java at me!

Thanks in advance,

Dries Venter

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you have to download the SAP Mobile Development Kit 2.1 (see Downloads on SDN). There you can find all the documentation concerning Development of Mobile Applications with SAP ME, there is also a chapter concerning Generic Sync.

If you want to develop any Mobile Solution with SAP ME you need the SAP Web AS 6.20 (this is already delivered with SAP R/3 4.7, its the technological platform), if you want to use an SAP R/3 4.6 System as Backend you have to install an own SAP Web AS 6.20, only there you will find the transaction ME_WIZARD.

Kind Regards,