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Docservice local path?

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Is it possible to change the path where docservice saves the tempory/local copy of dokuments?

The problem is simply that our enviroment consist of Loadbalanced citrix servers, so users don't always connect to the same server, therfor not having acces to the check out dokument.

I wanna change the docservice path to a network drive so the users always have acces to their checked out dokuments.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Niels,

By creating a new user specific system variable (under environment variables) with the name "SAPKM_USER_TEMP" and the path to your specific directory you can force KM to save the temporary files in this folder.

So, the users would need to have this system variable set to the network path when logging on to citrix server.

Hope this helps,


PS:You need to close all browser sessions and start a new one after creating the new user specific system variable.

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