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Do you have any documentation from real life implementation?

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Hi Experts,

I am working on a project in a Support capacity and I hope come to understand a lot about what has been implemented but what I am missing are the decisions behind the design.

The environment involves MM, SD, FI

and on a monthly basis, data is extracted from R3 to BW. Some through Process chains and others through flat file loads.

Do you have any documentation from real life implementation which can help me see the steps you went through to decide on specific Business Content objects, reasons for selecting specific fields, the logic for mapping particular fields to the others in BW, transfer and update rule discussions, etc. i.e to see and understand the final design before it was built in BW?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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What you are asking is very project specific.

Try to do the following:

1. Ask for the detailed business requirements

2. Ask for the design documents. Usually, there will be bunch of documents that got documented when the project team made the design. There must be documents like conceptual / high level design, detailed / low level design, ABAP specifications, report specifications, etc.

3. The design documents will contian other things, DATA FLOW DIAGRAM. Here in this diagram, you will see where the data comes and how it gets processed and transformed when the data reaches BW.

4. Ask for your access to the develoment system or the sandbox ( where you can play around without affecting anybody's work).

5. With the data fliow, you keep reviewing the objects in BW and also in the source system.

6. Even if you dont get access to dev or sandbox, you cans till view the objects in display mode.

7. Open the query designer and see how the variables are defined and how formulas are defined and how the restricted key figures are defined.

8. In production system, go to SM37 and see the jobs that are scheduled.

9. Try and co ordinate weekly calls with your team members and this is the place where ideas and problems will be shared.

If you have specific questions ot need some specific help, dont hesitate to send me a note. My email is

Best luck,

Ravi Thothadri

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Thanks a lot, following your advice, I located a folder on our system with lots of info on a particular project.

I will post specific question as I review them.


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