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Do not work confirm email in Workflow

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Hi all,

I have create in my system test exercise for event "New Cost Center created".

It is have steps:

0. Cost Center created

1. Flow start

2. User decision



2.1.1. Send GOOD e-mail to &_WF_INITIATOR&

2.2.1. Delete Cost Center

2.2.2. Send BAD e-mail to &_WF_INITIATOR&

3. Flow END

So what i have:

All works correct, but the step 2.2.2. does not work. I see the error of flow and e-mail of this step does not sending.

When i delete step 2.2.2., all works correct, but i need send e-mail after this step (NOT confirm e-mail of step 2.2.1.). Send confirm e-mail must be a separate step(2.2.2.)

If i delete step 2.2.1.(delete Cost Center) all work correct and i recive e-mail!!!!

If i run a test(F8) in my model and REJECT decision, all steps works correct!!! Delete, Send e-mail etc....

Can you say me, why after step 2.2.1.(Delete Cost Center), i cannot recive e-mail?

I have errors:

Executing batch work item:

Work item 000000390980: Object SELFITEM method SENDTASKDESCRIPTION cannot be




Method container for work item cannot be created

--> -->


Method container for work item cannot be created

--> -->

Executing batch work item:

Unable to instantiate object 'COSTCENTER'

Agent for all (WF-BATCH)

Sorry for my English.

Wait for answer and your points wait you too.


Please, help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think in the mail you are referring to Cost Center Business Object that has been deleted and has no instance and hence it goes into error. I think you should use standard send mail step instead of method to send mail. Method of your BO will not work as the keyfield has been deleted.



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Thank you for answer. It is realy so.

Can you say me, what do you mean about "standard send mail step instead of method to send mail"


I must create an operation at the end and put there my task number. In this task i must create by hand an method to send an e-mail?

Or you know the standart task number to fo this?

Sorry for stupied questions, but from SAP HELP i cannot understand, what i must to do to send the confirm e-mail AFTER DELETE operation, when my BO keyfields was deleted.



How i undestand,

It is not


because SELFITEM was destroyed with KEYS?

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