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Do not display compounded values for info object in the BEx report.

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I am using one of the compounded characteristics Global Key Account Mgr for Compensation, which is compounded with 0FISCPER3, 0FISCVARNT and 0FISCYEAR. What do I have to do if I do not want to see these compounded info objects in my report?

Is there an option to not display particular InfoObject in my report, which is compounded with Global Key Account Mgr for Compensation info object?

Please let me know ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi bhavin,

Just pull in the Info Object you want

Eg ; Fiscal Year..

Tha variant will be dragged into the query by default.

Now right click on the variant and Set the Display As properties to No Display.

Now when you run the query you won`t see the Compounded Variant.

Hope this helps


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You can set the local properties of the infoobject in your cube or ODS to not display in reporting. This way, you have a global setting per infocube or ODS.

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Please describe where to find the local properties referred to in your post.

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Hi Kelley,

Just right click on Object,go to properties.under "display as",u find several options like..display as Key,text,ky and text,...and No display.Choose "no display".


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