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Do I need a generated SyncBO inorder to develop a JSP front end application

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I am new to MI, would like to know one basic thing. I am going to develop a simple JSP Application in Netweaver Developer Studio, Do I need to have a Sync BO generated for this purpose? i.e just to devlop and test it in the frontend do i need to have a Sync BO before hand?

Please clarify me.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello sudhakar,

if you are developing a generic sync application, then you

don't need any SyncBo. if it is a smart sync, then you will

need at least the structure of your data as will be defined

in your syncbo/bapi.

MDK offers some tools to generate your bean codes for your

data objects from the xml metadata downloaded from your syncbo

definition in the middleware. if you still don't have the

BAPIs available, but already had the data structure known

for both sides i.e. client and server side developers, then

you can develop in parallel. you can create the meRepMeta.xml

file manually and deploy it with your dummy application

for your metadata to be deployed in the client. your dummy

application may just have the meRepMeta.xml on it without

you servlet implementations yet. this deployment is necessary

to have your application metadata deployed as well as for

your application to be assigned with a conversation id and

registered in the client's registry.



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Hi Jo

I have similar question. Please guide me.

I am configuring my middleware (MI 2.5 server). In the installation/configuration steps (Installation of SAP Mobile Infrastructure 2.5 SPS17 Standard), it is asked to upload SyncBOs from local PC. For standard MI 2.5 configuration, do we need to upload any SyncBOs and if so, from where can i get those. Any input would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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hello sri,

i don't have a SAP system to confirm your question. i guess it asks you only if you would like syncbo migration.

you can get those definitions if you already have an

existing MI system where you can download the migration

files thru transaction merep_mig. please refer to

<a href="">Migrating SyncBO</a>

<a href="">Uploading SyncBO</a>

for details.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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One more addition to the above question,

I mean can we develop both Sync BO and GUI application in parallel