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Diubt about some technical terms..

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I am in the process in developing a Portal application which is used to connect to a migrated J2EE application. As a part of the EPBP certification, I need to fill up a document named "project_registration_EPBP". In the document i found two columns "Smart Merging" and "Entry Points/Sort IDs" They have provide the details as given below,

<b>Smart Merging</b> - Specify merge ID used. This must be within the vendor namespace.

<b>Entry Points/Sort IDs</b> - Please specify the sort ID values used

I have to fillup these columns inrrder to submit the form. Can you please share your knowledge on what these technical terms stands for? and How we can confugure these in our project?

Best regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sudheesh

<a href=""><b>Entry point</b></a> is the node in a role or workset structure that serves as the initial item of a particular navigation hierarchy.

<a href=""><b>Sort ID</b></a> is the sequence of the nodes comprising the various levels of the navigation hierarchy by prioritizing the items on a per level basis.

Refer to those links for details.

Hope that helps

Best Regards


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Hello Priya,

Thankyou very much for your support. I have prepared the document and sent it. Now waiting for their response

Once again thank you for your help



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