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Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) on Sybase ASE 16

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Hello. I am trying to consume the DTC feature available in Sybase ASE 16 from a .NET proyect. So far, I've executed the following configurations in order to achieve this:

- Ran the "sp_configure 'enable dtm', 1" on the Sybase engine, I've also checked that the “xact coordination” parameter has a value of 1 (I've read on Sybase documentation that both values are required in order to be able to consume the DTC feature).

- Installed the “Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 SP02” locally (the XA interface was included in the installation).

- Inserted the “Sybase.AdoNet4.AseClient.dll” library into the .NET proyect directory. (Both engine and DB are on a Linux server).

- The local configuration for the DTC properties was set up by accesing the component services and activating the values for “DTC network access", "Enable XA transactions”.

Finally, when I tried to execute the "Open()" method of the dBConnection class, the following exception popped up: Failed to create an XA helper object".

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