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Distribute Planning Function(Using Variables)

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Hi All,

I'm trying to distribute KeyFigure value between months.

For example:Between Jan2005 and April2005 i want to distribute values.

4000 gets distributed as below:

Jan2005 - 1000

Feb2005 - 1000

Mar2005 - 1000

Apr2005 - 1000

I want user to select from CalYear/month and To CalYear/month from WebInterface dynamically.

But,Distribute from Sender to Receiver planning function is not allowing me to use two variables From and To.

It is allowing me to use only one Variable.

Could u please suggest me how to use two variables in distribute planning function.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Saritha,

A variable in the BPS can contain a single value or/and a range of values. In the definition of the planning function you can specify an interval by entering the from value and the to value or by choosing one variable containing this interval. This is why the system behaves the way you described it.

What can you do? Use a variable of type Exit in the definition of the planning function. Use two additional variables in the web interface so the users can enter a from and a to value. Now in the exit (for the exit variable)you read the two values and return the interval. You can find the necessary coding and a more detailed description of such a scenario in the BPS how to guide "How to... Variables of type Exit".

Best regards,

Gerd Schoeffl

SAPNet Weaver RIG BI

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Hi Gerd,

Thank you very much for your valuable information.

It helped me a lot.

Thank you for your time,