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Distant DBMS Update

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Hi DataMen !

before all; 'catch' my best big wishes for this new year ! hope this new year will kick Covid 😉

Here is my little Question : What is the best way to use the Distant DBMS Update ?

If i drop the Database manualy first, i can use the DBMS generation withiout problem.
But i would like just to update the Database, without drop anything before, just Update.

But the result is bad, some tables always missing and others issues if i using update database

Certainly some bad parameters in updati,g options ?

What is the best and simp;le way tu update distant BDD guys ?

Very thanks & Take care


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Hi, If I understand correctly your problem, you are able to generate ALTER statements script, but there are some errors. Yes, that is possible and it could be caused by following reasons:

  • PD DBMS definition file can contain a bug
  • some changes need to backup original table and generate "insert into" statement, which can cause some data-related issues (when doing inapropriate datatype changes, when dropping column, etc.

What you can do about it? You can definitely modify templates responsible for generating ALTER statements, you can modify generation parameters (you can find them in the "Apply Model changes to database" wizard).

Modification of ALTER-generating templates in your definition file requires some level of PD knowledge. If you put some specific example/issue you are facing, perhaps you could get more specific answer.

Ondrej Divis

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Hello Andrej,

very thanks for your detailed response. i juste forget to give a detail, wich is one of the reason i don't understand the problems of updating the MASTER, The MASTER, the BDD i update with PD is full empty.

So, following your recommancation, i will dig in the ALTER-Generation Template, and looking deep down in the logs to idetify errors.

Very Thanks & have a great year Ondrej