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Displaying results in Bex Division wise. Multiple nodes for a division

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Hi Experts,

I have a hierarchy built on 0PROFIT_CTR InfoObject. This hierarchy has like 9-10 levels. and lets call the bottom most nodes as Profit Centers ( Ex 100051 : Breeeder Farm, 100020: something )

Now business has defined some divisions, which basically consists of some of the above said profit centers.

For Example : PXS Division has 100051, 100020 , some more as its profit centers.

and the name of Node 3 Levels above the bottom most level has the same Name, what we want to display in the Report.

The format required is somethin like this



PXS 100051 X USD

PXS 100020 Y USD

PXS 100091 Z USD

PYS 100001 * USD

PYS 100008 * USD

assuming 100001 and 100008 belongs to division PXS

Any help.

I am not able to create the first two columns frm the same Characteristic ( OPROFIT_CTR).

any kind of help would be rewarded by points

thanks much


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my id is:

mail to this id.

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Can u explain this a bit more clearly?

Is the divisions(PXS,PYS etc)maintained in 0PROFIT_CTR only?

I mean PXS,PYS are one of the values of 0PROFIT_CTR ?



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Yes, the PXS and PYS are built on 0PROFIT_CTR.

They are the nodes of the hierarchy and in turn have many nodes under it. its 9 level hierarchy.

I gave a simple case of just two levels.

can you give me ure email id. i can mail some stuff to u to have a better idea.



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Hi Arun,

I do have a similar requirement to display the hierarchy as well as the values side by side for a particular characteristic. Could you share the solution which you implemented for your report.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Arun,

Maybe I do not understand the question.

You could create a Structure, name Structure members for each division and define each member by Profit Center.

Would this work?

- Pete

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Hi Peter,

Thanks fr the reply!

I tried to create a Structure in Rows and using the profir center, But its not working out.

lemme explain again.

I have this hierarchy








a, b, c are the next level of hierarchy.

what i want to display in Report is somethin like this.

PXS 100051

PXS 100020

PXS 100091

PYS 100001

PYS 100008 ,

Along with other columns,

I want an Extra column in the report, and for each nodes, the column should show its division. Note that the division is not stored in InfoCube, we have to enter manually and client dont mind even if its hardcoded.

any help...please!

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