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Display two related tables in a section of an object page fiori elements app

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Hello experts, my client has the requirement to display in one section two tables that are related, so that when selecting one the elements related to it are seen in the following way


I would like to first know if it can be done without creating a custom section and if not, how can I bind the id in the custom so that it is filtered by the one I select?

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Product and Topic Expert
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This is definitely not a built-in feature in Fiori elements but I am wondering if the recent feature in Table Building Block that allows for dynamic filtering by setting of Selection Variant helps here! With this, you should be able to define two custom sections - each holding a table building block and based on selection in first, you should be able to do first a getSV() on the second table and add to it the new filter and then do a setSV() so that the second table is filtered with an additional filter now!

More details are in the section "Using the SelectionVariant Format" in

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