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Display selected currency translation type in BEX webappl report

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Hi everybody,

we use currency translation at query runtime. We do not select the translation type in the variable screen but use the possibility with Context menu -> Calculations and Translations -> Global Currency Translation

Everything works fine, the conversion is done correctly BUT I want somehow display the selected tranlation type on the report! Is this possible? As I know there is the possibility in web applications to call a class method at runtime, maybe there exists a function module or class which can return the actual translation type used.

There must be something like that because when I select the context menu "Gloabl Currency Translation" again a second time, the actual translation type is selected in the combo box.

We also need the information on the generated pdf dokuments.

Thanks for any hints!



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Dear Oskar,

have you found a way to display the currency translation info in web report? Or could somebody give me enlightment whether this is possible? Thank you in advance.

Best regards,