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Display saved value of OVS when EditHandler called

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Hello ByD experts,

I have created a BO called BonusPlan. In QA of this BO, I have EmployeeID , First Name and Last Name attributes along with other attributes like Bonus Rate, Fixed Bonus etc.

I am using OVS to display the existing Employees and when a particular Employee will be selected from OVS, his/her First Name and Last Name will be fetched with the use of AfterModify event I wrote. So, First and Last Name are 'Read Only' attributes.

Lets assume that Bonus plan for a particular employee is saved. Now, when I click on the Edit button from my OWL, it will redirect to QA and stored values will be displayed for all other fields except EmployeeID ,First Name and Last Name.

I want to display the values for these 3 attributes too. How can I achieve this?

Thank you.

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Hi Harshil,

Is your Employee ID and Name fields in your QA binded to the corresponding fields in the custom Bonus Plan BO?



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Hi Indrakumar,

Yes, Employee ID is binded with corresponding Employee ID of Bonus Plan BO while Name fields are binded with respective fields from the assocition of Standard Employee BO.

Thank you