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Display of only overall Result

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Currently we have a ARreport is displayed following manner

Customer 0- 30 Day 30 - 60 Days E.t.c

A 1000 6000

B 230 10000

Total 1230 16000

User Want to see the report in following manner

0 - 30 Days 30 - 60 Days

total 1230 16000

when he click on 1230, he wants to view the customer who makes to 1230

For information - 0-30 days is a calculated Key figure

if we remove the customer from the row. the total is becoming zero.

your help is appricated

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Answers (3)

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Try this:

Create a structure in rows also..from context menu>new selectino>drag and drop Material. Rename new selection as Material.

Now drag and drop Material into rows next to structure.

Right clcik on Rows--->display as Hierarchy.

Now execute the will see Material (Which is Structural element description)...and if you expand it,you will get individual material values...

But as for as i know you would get overall result only for Basic KeyFigures.

Just tryout and let me know.

please don't forget to assign points to useful answers.that's the way of saying thnaks here in SDN.

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thats a nice way to achieve the result required...

the result will be slightly different.

Customer | 0-30 Days | 30-90 Days

Structure | 1230 | 160000

Total | 1230 | 160000

you will have to suppress the totals row and rename the structure. this would however work if you have only totals enables and no CT , etc , it will give only the overall result.


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Hi Arun,

Sorry i didnt get u....But my solution doesnt work for CKF/Formula it seems...

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Hi Arun

I did not get it. can you explain me in detail.

what should we put in the row and what should be put in the column.

currently i am doing following

rows has the customer

Structure is in the column

If i remove the customer. it is not displaying anything.



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If you have Customer in Structure (in rows->new Structure>context menu>new selection>drag and drop Customer)...You will get only Overall Result...but you will never get individual values here...