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Display % of each column below the column

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I have a requirement in Query where we have to calculate % of each column and display the calculated % at the bottom of each column.

I tried creating a formula but in this case it creates a separate column (calculates percentage across the column). As of my knowledge we can have only as a separate column and not at the bottom of each column. Is there any way that we can display the results in the following pattern?

Inv # Customer Country Amt Current Day 0-30 Days....

101 aaa US 2000 400 600

102 aaa US 2000 400 200

103 aaa US 2000 400 300

104 aaa US 2000 400 100


TOTAL 8000 1600 1200


PERCENTAGE 100% 20% 15%

Curr Day/Amt * 100,

0-30 day/Amt * 100

Thanks in advance.


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You could probably have those at the bottom. For that you would need to get the Key Figures (along with Characteristics) to the "Rows" section of the query definition. Additionally you would also need have the query in "Table Display". (Button to the left side of the "Technical Name" in BEx 3.x versions).

But beware that you would loose the drill down capability of your report.

Apart from above, you can try with Cell editors too.

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But all the Key figures are formulae which calculates different buckets so how can we have formulae as a characteritics.

We are working on BI 7.0 version, so do we have cell editor in this version as well?

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If you are using 2 structures (one in rows & one in Columns) you can achieve this by 'Cell Referencing'.

Create cell references for all TOTALS.

Then calculate % using formulas in next row.

Hope this helps