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Display message on a web template for specific queries

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Hi all,

We're trying to find a way of displaying a message in our standard web template (0ADHOC) in order to warn users about issues concerning specific queries (availability of data, maintenance...). So, we would like to establish one message for some querys and be able to display it in our web template only if availabe.

We faced this requirement with 2 different options, but none is working perfectly:

1.- Add a Single Document web item to 0ADHOC_HEADER web template in order to display a document related to our InfoProvider. Issues that appear:

- Warning messages need to be suppressed because when query doesn't have a related document, an horrible warning message is displayed.

- InfoProvider related documents need to be established for each calendar month, so we're not able of establishing a document that can be correct for all months on the InfoProvider. So, document only appears if user sets a specific calendar month filter. If he doesn't set any filters, document is not displayed.

2.- Use callquerydoc() in 0ADHOC in order to call query documentation on a new window when web template is loaded. Issues that appear:

- If the query doesn't have a related document, we won't like the new window to appear (because it shows an error about not finding documentation).

- No matter where I put the call to that JavaScript function, but each time you press a button or change something when executing the query, new window appears again.

Could someone give me solutions for issues of at least one of these two options?

If you have other suggestions to achieve our goal, please let me know.

Thanks and best regards,


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This can be done using a Custom BSP or JSP application workin along with the BI Web template.