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display long texts using WAD (except BDS!)

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Hi all!

we have a problem with displaying long texts in Web Application Designer. With our first concept we've store our comments (field about 300 symbols) as documents in BDS and then display it in WAD using virtual characteristics. but with the big quantities of information (and documents in BDS) such method works really slow (it's about 30 minutes for 300 records). So we realized to store our comments in custom table. Can anyone tell me, please, how to display in WAD long texts, using custom table? Maybe some java-script?

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Hi Hell...

This information may helps you to get the resoultion....

How to see WAD reports on browser:

The BEx Web Application Designer is a desktop application for creating Web applications with BW-specific contents. Using the BEx Web Application Designer, you can create an HTML page that contains contents such as various tables, charts or maps. This HTML page (Web application) provides the basis for not only Web applications with complex interaction, but also for Web cockpits and iViews.

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