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Display Link Item as an Image

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Hi Gurus,

I inserted a Link Item in my web template 70 and I don't find the way to display my link as an image.

Thanks for your help


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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why just use "Insert" -> Image -> Source: e.x. "" ???? And then maintain attributes: onclick... with your address...

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Look in the XHTML view of the template and where you see the text for the link add the path to the image as below.

<IMG SRC=""> ..

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Hi Deepu,

I tried that but it does not work. Instead of my image, the text "click here" is displayed.

Just have a look on my xhtml code:

<bi:LINK_ITEM name="LINK_ITEM_1" designheight="70" designwidth="200" >

<bi:ACTION type="CHOICE" value="INSTRUCTION" >




<bi:TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_REF index="1" value="DP_1" />

<bi:TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_REF index="2" value="DP_2" />


<bi:CHARACTERISTIC value="0CUST_GRP5" text="Customer group 5" />






<img alt="Row Drill Down" src="bwmimerep:///sap/bw/Mime/BEx/Icons/drill_row.gif" border="0" />



What is wrong with that?



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WAD template check does not allow you to have any tag for the values.

You can insert a image tag in the template like this <img src='"> and on the onclick event you can call a JS function created using the Script Web Item.

You can use the Command Wizard in the script item also.

<img src='" onclick="myjavascript()">

This should work.