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Display data seperated by semicolon (;) coming as row from database

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I have a data in below format

Id Sell Price

1 10

1 11

1 12

1 13

2 10

2 11

I need to display data in format as below

Id Sell Price

1 13;12;11;10

2 11;10

Could someone please help me?



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That won't be possible. At least not with the prices in one cell and without extensive programming.

The closest you can get to the desired solution is to add the following modifications:

1. create sections for the 'Id'

2. within the sections create a horizontal table for the 'Sell Price' and put the 'Id' in the header

3. remove the 'Id' master cell from the section but don't delete the section

4. remove as much space between the sections as possible

This way you have al Id's and prices on one row. If you need the 'semi-colon' also added you can add an extra cell after the price and write the semi-colon in there or add it in the cell with the price, but take care that the price is not aggregated.

Good luck


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Thanks Harry!

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Hi Harry,

I tried applying the solution provided by you to Nikhil for my requirement but it works only for 2 columns.

I have the requirement like this:

Data coming up as:

Name ID Sale value Flag

A 1 500 A1

A 1 500 A2

A 1 500 A3

and Required is:

A 1 500 A1,A2,A3

Please suggest any solution.

Thanks in advance

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Check out the response from panan on your thread:

Note: the solution described by panan only works with webi (or webi rich client), not with deski.



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Hi Harry,

I tried with 3 columns and th process i followed is:

1)Add three objects Year, State and City.

2)Make Year as Master i.e. sectioning on Year.

3)Make State as Master i.e. sectioning on State.

4)Double click on Header of the table City under section State as " =" "". So that Year and State will be displayed in the header for city table.

5)Double click on the cell of City table and append it with u201D,u201D as =<City>","

6)Now Format Cell, make it left aligned, wrap text and no border.

7)Rotate table.

8)Delete Section Header for Year and State.

But the Problems with this trick is:

· Formatting of header cell: Year and State will not be divided as it should be as cell.

· A Comma will always be displayed in the end for comma separated values.

Do you have any solution for this:

Thanks in advance