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Display all rows (starting at row 1)

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Hi there

How can I create code (with or without the wizard) in Web Application Designer, that will force the table (analysis web item) to display all rows starting at row 1.

The user is initially presented with a table which is, say, limited to 5 lines at a time. Default scrolling / paging functionality is added, which allows them to page down 5 rows at a time.

I want to be able to provide a button which displays all the rows ... normally this would be done by setting BLOCK_ROW_SIZE to 0 if I am correct.

However, what I have found is that simply setting this parameter, displays all the rows, but from the existing row, so if the user had paged down once already, they are shown rows 6 till the end.

I have played with various combinations of DATA_ROW_FROM, DATA_ROW_TO and BLOCK_ROW_SIZE, and none of those combinations seem to work for me.

I would have thought setting the FROM row to 1, the TO row to 0 and the BLOCK size to 0 would do the trick, but that simply shows all the rows from the current position ... again, I want to go back to the first line and then show all.

Putting 2 commands in the button doesn't seem to work either, as the 2nd command seems to override the 1st command.

Any ideas?



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Come on ... someone must have had to do something like this ...