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Display a logo dynamically in adobe form

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I want to display a logo dynamically in adobe form.For that,I have populated a global variable( say g_logo) with the name of the logo (say 'logo1' of type string)maintained in se78 and I am binding this value to the image field in the adobe form.I have also ticked the check box Embed Image data.But the form does not display the logo on execution of the form.

Should the variable I am binding to the image field contain just the name of the logo as in se78 (which is of string type) or does it need any conversion?

Is this approach right?Am I missing out anything?



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Hi Vishnu,

I have created a graphic node in the context section and I have chosen the Graphic Type as "Graphic Content".I have some queries with that.

1)What should the cell "Field" in the Properties tab contain..Is it the name of the global variable that holds the name of the logo in se78?

2)What should the cell "MIME type" contain?

3)What should I bind to the Image field in the layout..Is it the global variable containing the name of the logo or Is it the graphic node that we have created?



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Hi Tej,

First u hv to create a import parameter in the interface(SFP) eg. graphic type xstring ---> save, check, activate........

then come to form and chose the context tab in tat right click on the node ---> create -> graphic

and then in the property of the graphic u provide the details which i sent b4...

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Thanks for the replies..I have got the solution.

You cannot directly display a logo which is uploaded in se78 on an adobe form.The image format needs a conversion.

You can write this code in the interface section.

Create a global variable g_logo of type xstring."converted logo

v_name of type STXBITMAPS-TDNAME. "logo name in se78

Pass these parameters of the image in se78 to this method.

CALL METHOD cl_ssf_xsf_utilities=>get_bds_graphic_as_bmp


p_object = v_object " 'GRAPHICS'

p_name = v_name " Name of the logo as in se78

p_id = v_id " 'BMAP'

p_btype = v_btype " 'BCOL' ( whether the image is in color or black and white )


p_bmp = v_field


not_found = 1

internal_error = 2


g_logo = v_field.

The variable g_logo will have the converted image.

Drag g_logo into the context from the interface.

In the context of the adobe form make a graphics node and choose Graphic Type as Graphic Content.

The Field should have the global variable g_logo and the mime type is 'BMP' (with quotes).

Create an image field (not just image,that would be static) and in binding,bind it to g_logo and check the check box.Embed image data.

This should work..I have tested it and it is working.



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Hi Tejaswini,

I am also facing the same problem.

Shall I do the conversion in adobe form itself? because i am using standard driver program.

Kindly provide me the step by step process to achieve it.




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THough logo is present in mime repostiory even afterfollowing the preocess mentioned in this thread im not getting the logo...

please explain

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DATA v_logos TYPE xstring.

DATA: v_logo TYPE string,.



bindata = v_logos


b64data = v_logo.

pass v_logo to the adobe form field say picture and bind this picture variable to a graphic as above