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Disjoint Selection Criteria

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Hi Experts,

I came across the sentence "For a time-consuming extraction of master data, it is advisable to extract the data in parallel using disjoint selection criteria, while queuing the data in BW for serial posting (the eventual posting of the data in BW should be fairly quick)".

Can anyone please explain me what is disjoint selection criteria.

Thank You in Advance,


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Suppose you have 4 parallel process and when you are loading the data for a country yuo utilise only one process for you can speed up the things,,,,

if you can subdivide your loading into east , west , north and south....

you can enter theseselections in your DTP/infopackage...and start all of of these simultaneously...

By this considering all data to be equally divided and seoparate(disjoint) you can save time....this is parallel loading...

Hope it helps,