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Disable the encryption of created PDF Dokuments

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Hello To all,

We use Adobe Forms to generate a Output of some Data as a PDF Document . These forms
are not interactive.

We need the functionality to merge two separate generated PDF Documents within SAP.

At the moment we use PDFBox to merge the previously generated files stored at the SAP
Application server.

Unfortunately this only works for unencrypted PDF Files.

And again unfortunately we can’t create unencrypted Files.

For some unknown reason our Files always contains an Encryption

(encryption means restricted, printing, Copy and paste and so on, even if everything is allowed).

the footer Line of the PDF shows this encryption line:


<</Size16/Root 1 0 R/Encrypt 13 0 R/Info 12 0 R/ID[<27…30C4><73...BDC3>]>>


We tried to
disable the Encryption without any positive result.

In the SAP GUI Adobe Life cycle designer there is no tap in the Options.

And the parameters of the function module to generate the PDF doesn’t work.

DATA gv_print_options TYPE sfpoutputparams.


     gv_print_options-noprint ='X'.

     gv_print_options-PDFCHANGESRESTRICTED = ''.



                 ie_outputparams = gv_print_options.


Is there another way to disable the Encryption?

Or is there a way to know the password for this encryption?

Kind regards

Markus K.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Markus,

You may explore the method SET_TASK_RENDERPDF of class CL_FP_PDF_OBJECT. It can be called upon the generated PDF file, with similar settings as you provide in the FM FP_JOB_OPEN. Refer program FP_PDF_TEST_00 to understand how to use these classes.

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Hello Abhijeet,

This was a good remark. After some study of all the Methods we where able to genereate and merge the PDF's but we now have another problem.

We work with PDF-Based Print Forms (non-interactive forms). We have to pass an internal Tables and some other filds to the interface created with the transaction SFP.

Since we work with a this PDF Object we didn't find a way to pass the data in a similar way. What we found in the "SET_DATA" Method but this requires an xString, that we don't have.


   CALL FUNCTION function_name   "FM Name based on the FORM Name, determined before
    data_table     = lt_data
    time               = time
    date               = date
    /1bcdwb/formoutput = lo_form_out_data.

NEW:  ???? 

Do you know how to pass this data?

Kind Regards


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Hi Markus,

As I understand it, you want to directly merge the internal table data with generated PDF. You can use these FMs in sequence SX_TABLE_LINE_WIDTH_CHANGE, SO_TAB_TO_STRING SCMS_STRING_TO_XSTRING to convert an internal table to xstring.

Another - and perhaps more reliable - way is to print the internal table to spool with write statements and then convert it to PDF with CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF. Then it's just merging two PDFs.

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