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Disable server side paging in RAP based Odata

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We have implemented an unmanaged RAP based application in S/4Hana 1909 On-Premise system.

We have added Export as Excel functionality using VSCode as it was not available out of the box.

Issue we are observing is that excel file repeats the item from 5000 to 15000. These 10k entries repeat in file.

It seems like our backend has server-side paging enabled, which is why we observed duplicate entries when export huge no. of items. Some of the requests to the backend contain a __next property in their response, which triggers the server-side paging.

As soon as we trigger the Excel export, UI5 dispatches so-called batch requests to collect the data to put into the excel file.

If we look into the network trace, there are multiple batch requests. The first one uses client-side paging, this means the URL contains a $skip and $top to do paging.

If we look into the response, we find the requested data and also the aforementioned __next property, that indicates server side paging. Please find the end part of __next property in below screenshot

This can be observed throughout the dispatched requests. Every second request is to a URL that contains skiptoken. While every uneven request (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) is a $skip/$top request containing a __next link.

andre.fischer I have already gone through your blog How to deal with OData services that return only 100 entities? | SAP Blogs

How can we disable the server-side in the backend, so that the __next link does not appear. and UI5 can by default handle the client-side paging?


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Hi, were you able to find a solution? We are facing the same requirement when pagination is not suitable. It would be very nice if you could share your approach