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Disable prompt for transport when changing employee data in PA30/PA40

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Hello all,

I've got an issue that, so far, I haven't had any luck resolving. In our development system (where it's normal to record changes) I have people complaining that they're being prompted to create a transport when they make changes to employee data in PA30 or PA40.

I would like to turn off the recording of changes in PA30, PA40 and similar transactions, but continue to prompt for the normal changes that you would want recorded in a development system. I've asked SAP about this before and they referred me to note 33582 which involved making changes to table T77S0 but that resulted in turning off more recording than we wanted turned off. (Another user tried to create org units, expecting to create a transport, but it didn't after implementing that note.)

Does anyone have any ideas how to get this properly configured?

Thanks in advance!


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I also experience this problem after upgraded from 4.6C to ECC6.

Refer to note 33582:

In table T77S0 [TRSP CORR] the switch 'X' was there before upgrad, but after upgrade it was removed by system upgrade (implisitt). By resetting the switch on this object the prompt for transport by entry on 'hiring' in PA40 dissappeared. And it seems OK.

Refer to note: I did not set the other swits [TRSP ADMIN] in table.

My consern is if I - by this single switch - have removed the prompt of transport in a wider area than we want it to be (as Jeff mentions). Any example of this removal of transport prompt outside transaction PA30 / PA40 caused by the switch will be appreciated.

Kind regards.

Leif Lohne.

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You have posted a question that is related to system transports. Unfortunately this category is not related to these kind of questions. SAP TM deals with logistics in the real world - moving pallets, containers, loading trucks, etc.

To learn more about SAP TM please visit

Therefore I will now move this thread to the category Software Logistics. Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Nico van Os.