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Disable Paging in Fiori Elements app based on a custom entity


I created a custom entity (RESTful programming model) and a Fiori Elements app consuming the service.
The custom entity re-uses an existing function module in the backend. Therefore the data is read at once without any possibility for paging implementation. So I need to stop the UI from requesting a restricted number of entities (top/ threshold...).
Usually there is the growing properties which should help. But I am not able to set this property in a working way.

I tried:

  1. By default a smart table is created in the UI where I could change the property "growing" to false using the SAPUI5 visual editor. No effect. In the object CL_RAP_QUERY_REQUEST->MO_PAGING I still receive "MV_HAS_PAGING = X" and a page size of 100 or similar.
  2. I changed the table type in the manifest to "grid table" because it supports the horizontal scrolling. In this case the property "growing" and similar can not be set at all. 😞 ?
  3. I tried to enhance the CDS view with
    presentationVariant: [{ maxItems: 2000 }]
    No effect.
  4. I tried to enhance the XML annotation file of the UI5 app with
    <Annotation Term="UI.PresentationVariant" Qualifier="Default">
    <PropertyValue Property="MaxItems" Int="2000"/>
    No effect.

Any ideas how I can stop paging in this case?

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