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Dimension and Fact tables Full load and Delta Load

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Hi Experts,

I want to load the data from source to stage table and from stage table to target.I want to know the process of dealing with the stage table and target table for Full load and Delta load for both Dimension table loading and Fact table loading.Please specify whether the stage table will be truncated or deleted for Full/Delta loads for both Dimension and Fact tables.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Depends on design and requirement. Basically a Staging table should be a template table in order to load a Dimension table as well as a Fact table(both in case of Full and Delta Load)

Staging tables are the tables in the staging database(Staging Area). They have no indexes, no primary keys. They are usually truncated before each load.

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In addition,

The aim of this 3-step process, is to simulate the load (full or delta) into staging tables before loading to the production tables to avoiding errors which could disrupt the production data.

What if you delete the production tables before checking the connection to this DataStore. Or if all the tables related in that load exists.

For dimensions, full load could be fine, for fact tables, you must take into account the size of them (or a department requirement which has already consolidate the previous years and has no sense to loading again and again this/those years). And, well, always should be better a delete and load strategy, rather than Update those tables (for performing issues).

Also, the staging load could be the place to do some validations into the data.


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