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Diffrent lenght -char.number (not width) within a cell of type InputField

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Dear All,

I deal with the following problem in a table:

I would like to have in a column a dynamically-define Input field(number of characters). I want for example that in one cell user could insert only 30 char. in the other row i.e. max. 50 characters etc... Do you think that it is possible?

Anybody has an idea?

Thank you in advance


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As far my knowledge goes, the 'length' property is bindable to a context variable but the length of the data type bound in 'Value' supercedes this.

I tried to dynamically create a input field using table cell editor and bound the length to a variable context field. But since we are also binding the value, it doesn't take effect.

Looks like your requirement cannot be met unless I am missing something.

One way to control this is by throwing error messages after the user has entered values, though may not be the best solution.