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Different profiles for the same authorization object

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How is it possible that in the same authorization object are different profiles generated with each other authorizations!

So in one profile it is only possible to display, but in the other profile it is possible to do everything, so it seems that the second profile is overrules the first one!!!



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Hi Stefan,

I may help you, If you Can send info in detail and in which senario you are working



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Hey Genesh,

For example:

In the Object Class: BC_A (Basis: Administration)

In the Authorization Object: S_ADMI_FCD

There are automatic made two authorizations. First System Authorizations (T-Q123005000) with system administration function SP01 and SPOR

Second System Authorization (T-Q123005001) with system Authorization function *

So the second one, with the star, overrules the first, right?

But what is than the meaning of the first one?

By the way, where can I find some information about the working of profiles?