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Different datastores for different schemas

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In Dataservice 4.2 if we have an individual datastore for each of our DW schemas even though they are all on the same database would this negatively affect performance because bods would think that they are entirely different databases and perform the wrong optimization.


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I have the same case a short time ago. Target DB was ORACLE and i have some schema (stage, etc...).

In my case, DS detected everything correct and push down the statements.

The only important thing is, that the user of your target schema have to has reading permissions on your source schema. Otherwise you get an error and the job be terminated.

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Not necessarily. DS is often smart enough to detect that there's just one single underlying database. You can check that by selecting Validation >  Display Optimized SQL... from the DS Designer menu.

If DS does not generate the correct code, you'll have to link the data stores (Edit Datastore > Configurations for Datastore > Linked Datastores).