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Different between bookmarks in WEB applications and its personalization

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Hello experts,

Anybody explain please, what the different between bookmarks of some WEB applications and its personalization? There is the variable 0CALDAY. It filled automatic, but it always appear in the screen (VARIABLE_SCREEN=X in WEB APPLICATION DESIGNER).

When I make the bookmark I get the screenshot of data, and when I open it in several days the bookmark will not display current data. I must do actualization by entering the new variable through the context menu. In the description of bookmark in the last paragraph announced this possibility

In the case personalisation I have the same situation and the same behavior. How make the personalisation of WEB report with automatic display of variable screen.

Thanks a lot,

Aleksandr Alekseev

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Hi Aleks,

this is the same question like this: [Link|; ?

If 'yes' please close this question.

Otherwise bookmark is a 'screenshot' of your webtemplate/query with navigation, personalization is a 'screenshot' of your variables/values.

regards Sven

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Hi Sven,

Otherwise bookmark is a 'screenshot' of your webtemplate/query with navigation, personalization is >>a 'screenshot' of your variables/values.

You are right. But there are two kind of personalization:

1. Personalizing Variables in Web Applications

(Menu: Analysis & Reporting: BEx Web Applications-Using Variables in Web Applications-Personalizing Variables in Web Applications)


You can personalize single variables or all variables in a Web application. This means that you assign the variables to a value permanently or until you remove the personalization. Personalization means that you do not always have to make the settings for a variable, that is your personal settings, manually over and over again.

2. Personalizing the Start Views of Web Applications

(Menu: Analysis & Reporting: BEx Web Applications-Personalizing the Start Views of Web Applications)


By personalizing the start views of your Web applications, you can store the navigational state you created in a Web application as a personal, permanent start view for this Web application.

In the second case if your Web application has got variable screen you will not get it. You will get old value of variable.

As for bookmark, I would like to ask you, Sven, about the next quote:

(Menu: Analysis & Reporting: BEx Web Applications-Context Menu Functions-Setting Bookmarks)

In the Web Application Designer, you can also create bookmarks that display current data. This means that when you call up the URL of a bookmark, not only is the navigational status displayed, but the current data for this particular navigational status is displayed as well. This option is not set by default, but you can use it whenever necessary.

What does it means? Why it doesn't display a bookmark with current data for the current date?

Thanks a lot,