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Differences between SAP ASE vs SAP ASE for Business Suite

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I want to install Solution Manager using SAP ASE. When i go to download page, i found two product : SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise and SAP ASE for Business Suite. Both have the same version (15.7 and 16.0), but different in download size.

What is the differences between this two product, and which one should i choose for my installation?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Andreas,

For Solution Manager on ASE, you would need the SAP ASE for Business Suite release.

SAP ASE for Business Suite is different in the sense that it is adapted (or licensed) to use features inside AS ABAP, for example page compression, streamlined dynamic sql, functionality group etc.

The other release, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, is also called a "Standalone" release. You should never apply patches for this release onto the Business Suite releases.

Hope this helps


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I also faced same query refer below :

2469889 - How to download current ASE patches ? - SAP ASE

1.SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

-Downloads are for 'full use' ('ex-Sybase') licenses and implementations

-For custom applications, or SAP Products like Business Objects when a specific ASE standalone license has been purchased (the license is not an ASE RunTime license).

-Packages in this section cannot be used with SAP Business Suite (NetWeave based) applications.

-ASE 15.7 and earlier versions can be found in the 'ARCHIVE' section of the download pages, see KBA 2238945

2. SAP ASE for Business Suite

-These downloads are for "runtime use" licenses and implementations, such as: SAP NetWeaver-based applications (ABAP and JAVA) / SAP Business Suite / SAP Business Warehouse with ASE as the database.

-These packages can be used with SAP Installer methods (Software Provisioning Manager - SWPM).

-SAP Applications using ASE under the HANA Runtime Edition for Applictions and SAP BW (REAB) entitlements also use this download package.

-Available ASE releases are the supported releases for Business Suite systems. Older versions are removed as they become obsolete. -See SAP Notes 1554717 and 1590719.