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Difference of performance between table functions and Graphical views

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Hello all.

I'm having a curious performance problem in Hana.

I have a TF with some complicated logic and then a graphical view with just one node pointing to the TF.

So if I make a count(*) to the TF it takes 1 sec, and the same query but over the grafical view takes 30 secs.

Anyone has any explanation for this?

I need the help of some experts like lbreddemann πŸ™‚


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Hey Juan,

please add a few more details to your question.

  • what HANA version are you using?
  • EXPLAIN PLAN output for both versions of the query.
  • If possible, screenshots of the PlanVIz.
  • If possible, show the code of the table function

Also, is the result of both SELECT COUNT(*) queries the same?

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Dear Lars,

The version is (fa/hana2sp05)

Yes, both selects returns the same number of records. Like I said, the graphical view is just one node with the TF.

Sorry I'm not sure if I can publish that information... Also is quite big.

Any way of sending all that info as a private message?

I hope you don't mind.

And many many thanks for the help.

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Sorry, a private message won't work.

This is a public forum; the whole point is to discuss topics in public.

For the visual information (planviz and graphical calc view) you may add screenshots.

For the EXPLAIN plan, usually one can re-format the textual table output to fit the forum page.

I have not been a regular in this forum for a couple of years now, as my professional focus has shifted.

Chances are that you can get a quicker/better answer by including the required information in the publicly visible question.

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Yes Lars, you are totally right.

This is the info:

The Calc View and its plan:



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The Main TF and the 3 TFs called (they are related to inventory):



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Finally the explain plan for the TF: